Made up of around 40 choristers and instrumentalists, the Alma de Coimbra Choir is directed by Maestro Augusto Mesquita, author of all the arrangements the choir performs.

It promotes Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking poets, authors and performers, both in Portugal and abroad. It is accompanied by piano and double bass, and often by violin.

The choir members, who are now scattered throughout the country and the autonomous regions, regularly travel to Coimbra, where they carry out their artistic training, finding in music a space that brings them together and fosters the cultivation of the ideals that have guided their academic life.

Over the course of its 17 years of existence, the group has performed around three hundred concerts throughout Portugal and abroad, in Macau, Timor, the United States, India, Tunisia, Cape Verde, São Tomé, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Poland, Chile and Thailand.

Guitar group

The Alma de Coimbra Guitar Group, made up of a Portuguese guitar and a classical guitar, aims to promote instrumental music created for the Portuguese guitar, the Coimbra variant

The Paredes family is inextricably linked to the instrument, with Artur and Carlos Paredes being two of the most important composers/instrumentalists in the history of the Coimbra guitar, whose work has formed the group's main repertoire.

However, Coimbra was a generous cradle for several other authors, including Flávio Rodrigues, João Bagão, António Portugal, Jorge Tuna, Octávio Sérgio or Francisco Martins, whose themes are also revisited.